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Betting and casino bonuses. What’s the difference? Why play at

Swedish casinos?

Everybody loves a good bonus right? It’s like waking up in the morning and having coffee and breakfast served in bed after a nice session of under the sheets activities. Casinos and bookmakers know that of course Thus, they make sure you are not deprived of that pleasure.

Where is the difference?

Simply put, when it comes to betting, it’s all about the money. Bettors deposit a certain amount of their money, in hopes of multiplying them in the process.

As with casinos, bookmakers offer different types of bonuses with different requirements and restrictions to them.

Matching your stakes

The most common of bookmaker bonus bets. Essentially, the bookmaker doubles the amount of your first deposit after you open an account. For example, if you deposit £25, you immediately get a bonus of the same amount, after which your total bet value is £50.

Free play & Cash bonuses

The vast majority of bet bonuses are free play, including the one mentioned above.

The key difference with cash bonuses is that when you bet from the free play balance, the cash is removed from the balance regardless of the outcome.

Free play wages only refund a player’s cash balance upon a win, without refunding the free play balance.

Example: if you have 3 000 Kr free play balance and you bet 1 000 Kr, you are left with 2 000 Kr regardless of the bet outcome.

Cash bonuses, on the other hand, return both the stake and the profit if the bet is a win. Henceforth, it is the preferred option. However, it is not very common in some countries.

We can think of free and cash betting bonuses as the equivalent of free spins in casinos.

Rollover requirements

If the free / cash bonus bets can be looked at as the equivalent of casino free spins, then the rollover requirements are essentially the same as the wagering requirements in casinos.

As with casinos, receiving a bonus does not simply mean you can deposit money and get a refund back. Every player agrees to a certain rollover rate upon getting the bonus. Only after these requirements are met, you can cash out your bonus.

What is wagering?

Wagering is simply another word for betting. It is any amount of money, or in very rare cases, items and services, which a bettor stakes on a possible or/and expected outcome.

If the bettor wins, the wager and winning stake all go to him.

The Swedish scene

The Swedish online gambling scene is a truly interesting and dynamic place, especially in more recent days. New laws and regulations regarding casinos in the Nordic region inevitably means changes. But what does that mean for the players?

For starters, casinos will be able to advertise their welcome casino bonuses only to new players.

This is due to the fact that any incentive to play real money games with wagering requirements beyond the welcome package will be against the rules.

Safety first

As with their cars, Sweden’s online gambling environment also has its emphasis on safety.

A stronger governing body supports players’ rights, which translates to a much higher security with regards to online money transfers.

Pay’n play casinos are said to lead the way in these changes. Through quick verifications, they will make sure your personal details do not reach any third parties.

We can say without a doubt that the upcoming changes will definitely be for the better. With the new regulations in effect, keen players will now have the confidence to play safely at the licensed casinos in the region.