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Brexit Odds

Back on 23 June 2016, 52% of the voting public affirmed they would like Britain to leave the European Union. However, the Brexit process hasn’t exactly been the smoothest. It should have been a simple, straightforward process with minimal fuss or carry-on. In fact, it’s turned out to be an incredibly frustrating and drawn-out process, with complications and let-downs along the way, not to mention talks of a second referendum, complaints of there not being a proper ‘hard Brexit’ and countless scaremongering reports on what catastrophes will happen when we leave the EU.

With all the complications, talks of delays and goodness knows what else going on, it will frankly be a surprise if we manage to leave on that date and if things go smoothly after that. Here’s a look at the latest odds from best British casino including some of the country’s top bookmakers are offering.

Leaving the EU

When Article 50 was triggered, it was announced that we would definitely be leaving the EU for good at 11pm on Friday, 29 March 2019. Due to all the commotion and uncertainty going on, there’s a chance we may not officially leave on that given date after all. Even if we do leave, there’s a chance we’ll leave without a trade deal, the so-called, ‘No Deal’ scenario. BetVictor currently has odds of 8/13 that we will not leave on that date, and odds of 6/5 that we will indeed leave on that date. Both Coral and Ladbrokes are offering odds of 3/1 that we will in fact leave on 29 March, but without a formal deal.

Second Referendum

The vote was very close and lots of people to this day are passionate about what they voted for. Many of those who voted to remain continue to affirm that we should be staying in the EU for our own good. The media have gone so far as to dub these people ‘Remoaners’ because they can’t accept the fact that the country voted against what they want and they seem determined to stop it. In line with this, there have been many calls for a second referendum, which would basically be another vote to see if people have changed their mind. Both Coral and Ladbrokes have 4/6 odds of there being no second referendum carried out before the end of 2019. Conversely, the odds for a second referendum offered by these two bookmakers are 5/4. They’re also offering odds of 5/2 that there’s a second referendum before the end of 2019 and that the UK votes to remain.

Theresa May

Being Prime Minister while overseeing Brexit is surely a very tough job indeed. While Theresa May has remained dedicated to enacting Brexit and honouring the vote, she has come under fire for the protracted negotiations and for the fact that her Brexit deal doesn’t appear to be the hard Brexit many of the 52% thought they’d be getting. There was even a vote of no confidence triggered by members of May’s own party, though she did win in the end. It should come as no surprise that the odds of May still being the prime minister when the UK leaves the EU aren’t that much in her favour, at 1/2 with Betfair.


What the odds mentioned above show is that with regards to Brexit, pretty much anything can happen. Officially speaking, we are due to leave in a few months’ time and Theresa May is likely to be prime minister for a while yet - the recent vote of no confidence can’t be repeated for another year. However, the fact that established bookmakers are offering bets for things like there being a second referendum and Theresa May not surviving as PM before Brexit goes ahead, show that despite the insistence from the government, people generally don’t feel that confident in Brexit. Sure, there are millions who remain passionate about it and want it to go ahead, but given the complications and setbacks, it may well not happen as soon as people would like it to. If you’re thinking of betting on Brexit, keep checking the odds regularly because you never know when they’re going to get better or worse!


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